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Product Description

The LEVL UP Vocal Toolbox includes everything you need to bring some unique vocal elements into your productions.

Use the over 70 loops as they are or cut and chop them. Furthermore you can use the vocal one shots in a sampler or synthesizer of your choice (Ableton Simpler, Serum, Harmor…) to make awesome lead and pluck sounds like heard in a lot of Future House, Future Bass, Trap or Dubstep. We also included fantastic Vocal Serum Presets to get you started and inspired.

All vocal sounds you hear in the demo are from this pack only!
This pack contains:

  • 74 Vocal Loops (key and bpm labeled)
  • 35 Vocal One Shots (key labeled)
  • 10 Serum Presets
  • 35 Custom Serum Vocal Noises